Something To Food Aboutby Questlove

Exploring creativity with innovative chefs.

Conversations with: Nathan Myhrvold, Daniel Humm, Michael Solomonov, Ludo Lefebvre, Dave Beran, Jesse Griffiths, Donald Link, Dominique Crenn, Daniel Patterson, Ryan Roadhouse.

Questlove explores what makes their creativity tick, how they see the world through their cooking and how their cooking teaches them to see the world.

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Published: April 12, 2016


“An intellectual meditation on what it means to be creative and feed one’s fellow man. A rap session between artists. An essential read for the scholarly foodie.”


“This book is an immersive and sensory experience as rich, dynamic, and edifying as its subject matter. With observational acuity and an insatiable curiosity, Questlove creates a conversation surrounding food and restaurant culture that leaves nothing off the table; from art to history, politics to futurism. It’s a fascinating, inspiring read.”


“Questlove has created the finest document on food and its role in the creative aspect of culture that I’ve ever read. Culture is the defining aspect of what it means to be human, and it embraces the range of phenomena transmitted through social learning. Reading these conversations reminds me why food people are some of our world’s greatest thinkers, anarchists, and do-ers, and in documenting their experience as a creative class. Questlove has captured the essence of food’s value in society.”


“Somethingtofoodabout is really a passion project. For Questlove, it’s not about the food business, but rather the ideas, the concepts, and the imaginations behind the chefs who feed him. There are no recipes and no how-tos. For Questlove, the only how-to you need to know is how to appreciate and understand the taste, the process, and the journey of the idea.”


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